Your Guide to Opening a Barbershop

Let’s face it, after months of lockdowns and social isolation, we could all do with a decent haircut! Indeed, with no other option, almost 30% of Americans resorted to a DIY cut last year.

The result? With demand at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to start your own barbershop! First, though, you have to figure out how to do it.

Want some help with the task? Keep reading for a quick and easy guide to opening a barbershop.

Get Your License

So, you’ve qualified from barber school and are now hungry to start running a business of your own. If you haven’t already done it, the key first step is to obtain your license!

Requirements vary around the country. Yet, assuming you’ve met the criteria in your state, this should be as simple as completing a license application and paying the necessary fee. Use your barber school degree and a letter from the licensed barber who trained you as proof of experience.

Create a Plan and Acquire Funding

Creating a barbershop business plan’s next. Think about:

  1. Your goals,
  2. Your brand,
  3. How much money you’ll need to get started,
  4. The level of competition,
  5. Potential obstacles you’ll encounter (and how you’ll overcome them), and
  6. How you’ll market the barbershop when you open.

Writing it all down will create a roadmap for what you’re trying to achieve.

With that plan in place, you can then embark on the process of acquiring funding! Banks, affluent relatives, and/or crowdfunding sites are all viable potential sources of startup capital to pursue.

Make It Official

Next up, it’s time to handle the official aspects of opening a barbershop! Among them, you have to:

  • Decide and register the type of business you intend to run (e.g. sole proprietorship or LLC),
  • Obtain your business license (this is separate from your barber license!), and
  • Pay for insurance.

We strongly suggest seeking professional legal and financial support here. Consulting an attorney and an accountant/financial planner will ensure you do everything by the book. They’ll explain your options and obligations, and prevent you from making expensive mistakes as a result.

Setup Shop

With official matters behind you, everything’s now in place for the fun to begin!

Begin by finding the perfect location from which to operate.

Look for somewhere in budget, which enjoys lots of foot traffic, easy access by public transport, and places to park in the area. Likewise, always consider the type of customer you’re trying to attract! This should help you find a location with an appropriate vibe (and cost of living).

Once you’ve signed the contract, it’s time to decorate the interior in line with your vision and source the necessary equipment.

Start Marketing

At this stage, all that’s left to do is open the doors to the public, promote your brand new barbershop, and find your first customers! There are myriad ways to go about this…

You should, of course, begin by telling your friends, family members, and old colleagues about it. From there, try handing out pamphlets and putting up posters around town. Creating a website, starting a blog, posting on social media, and encouraging everyone you meet to spread the word will all make a difference.

Remember This Guide to Opening a Barbershop

Opening a barbershop right now is an ideal way to capitalize on the current demand for a high-quality haircut!

But that doesn’t make it easy. This is a big decision that involves financial risk and a significant commitment of time and money.

With any luck, though, the insights in this guide will help you do it successfully. Are you thinking about starting the process of becoming a barber in Dallas, Texas? Reach out today to find out how we can make it happen.