How Much Is Barber School?

A barber is an essential member of a community, and the need for barbers increases every year. Learning to be a barber involves much more than cutting hair, and the barber plays an important role in the lives of their customers. While many things have changed in our society, the old-school barbershop remains a tried and true tradition that never goes out of style.

If you’ve considered becoming a barber, you’ve likely wondered, “how much is barber school?” Read on and learn how much you’ll expect to pay to enter this time-honored profession.

Choosing Your Career Path

Deciding to enter the barber profession can change your life in positive ways. Think about the reasons you want to become a barber. And think about whether you want to work alone or as part of a shop.

Some barbers choose to work as hairstylists. What’s the difference? Barbers typically cut men’s hair and focus on using razors and clippers for short hairstyles. Stylists opt for styling scissors to shape longer hairstyles, usually women. 

A barber school will teach you all the skills you need for gentlemen who seek a haircut, beard trim, mustache trim, scalp massage, and more. One of the most luxurious services a barber performs, and customers are willing to pay a premium, is the hot lather shave with a straight razor. 

Gentlemen who want to look and feel their best depend on their barber. 

What Long Does it Take to Finish Barber School?

If you’re convinced barber college is the right choice for you, you might be asking, “where can I find a barber school near me?” In the Dallas area, Invictus Career College offers a comprehensive program. 

It will take some time to complete the program, but the result will be the training you need to pursue a career you love. The Class “A” barber program at Buckber Barber School requires 1,000 hours or about eight months.

How Much is Barber School?

The salary for barbers ranges from $40,000 to $100,000, depending on your skill level and the market you work in. Enrolling in a quality barber college is a sound investment for your future. If you’re looking for someone to add to your vision board, Ramesh Babu has amassed a fortune as a barber, and a collection of exotic cars, too.

The cost of tuition at Invictus Career College starts at $15,000. Tools, materials, and other fees cost extra. The total cost of enrolling in the program is $17,375.00.

Take Control of Your Career

A career as a barber is fulfilling and helps people in your community look and feel their best. Studying the skills required to become a barber will take some time, but barber school length is usually less than one year.

How much is barber school? You’ll invest $15,000 to $20,000 in your education, but it will pay off over time. To start on the path to a job you love, contact us today.