5 Common Barber Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that the states Texas and New York have the highest employment level of barbers? Many people are choosing to go to barber school and learn a new trade.

If you are a new barber and want to learn how to avoid common mistakes, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over common mistakes barbers make after leaving school.

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1. Not Listening to Your Client

Some barbers will have a client sit in their chair and not listen to their request.

Make sure you ask questions and find out what your client wants. This way, you can provide them with a haircut they love. Your clients will feel listened to and appreciate your attention to detail.

2. Not Completing the Fade Right

Typical haircuts barbers will get asked to do is a fade. Yet a lot of new barbers don’t get it right after finishing school.

Some new barbers will trim the sides too high. The style should seamlessly fade into the top. If the fade looks forced, you either went up too high or didn’t shape it right.

Sometimes, barbers will also cut too much around the crown of the head. A fade haircut should fade from short at the sides to long at the top. You shouldn’t be able to see fine lines at different lengths.

New barbers tend to go too short on the scalp. Keep practicing until you get it right. Observe older barbers and ask them questions. Soon, you will perfect this popular haircut and impress your clients.

3. You Left Too Much Hair

New barbers will sometimes leave too much hair on the top.

Make sure you trim the length and texturize it a bit. There should be enough weight and body to the top of the hair.

4. Changing Your Schedule All the Time

As a new barber, you want to make sure you keep a consistent schedule initially. This way, you will be able to take walk-ins at the barbershop and find new clients.

If your hours differ each week, you might not be able to accommodate your clients. Try to choose hours that will work with your clientele.

You’ll begin to build a relationship with clients. Learn more about how to build trust with your clients.

5. Not Providing Professional Service

Now that you work as a barber provide quality work every time you cut someone’s hair. You want clients to spread the word about your barber skills. This way, you’ll have repeat and new clients.

Word of mouth marketing will boost your business. 

Now You Know More About Common Barber Mistakes

We hope this guide on common barber mistakes was helpful. Make sure you practice fades in your free time so you can get this popular hairstyle done right.

You’ll also want to use the right tools and provide professional service to clients.

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