The Men’s Grooming Trends Every Good Barber Should Know

Grooming isn’t just for girls. The men’s grooming market will total more than 165 billion dollars by 2022. 

The key to being a successful barber is to be updating barber skills. Mastering men’s grooming needs is a great way to stay current. 

What are men doing to maintain the health of their skin? What are some popular hair and beard styles? What are some steps you can take to develop a relationship with your male clients? 

Answer these questions and you can draw men of all backgrounds into your barbershop. Here is your quick guide. 

Skin Health 

More men are finding grooming trends that prioritize skin health to be valuable. They are looking for a sunscreen with high SPF ratings that do not damage or clog the skin. Having different sunscreen options on hand can help you expand your clientele. 

Men are also looking for hairstyles that make it easy to clean and maintain the scalp. Make sure you have good barber skills in arranging hair so it falls away from the scalp. Swept-back hairstyles are becoming very popular. 

Shaving Tools 

The grooming industry is fast developing new tools for shaving. Many men know that shaving with blunt blades will irritate the skin and damage hair follicles. But they would like creams that help soothe cut skin, and you should try to provide them. 

Make sure to show your clients how the tools work. Avoid common barber mistakes such as not cleaning your tools after each use. 

Fashionable Beard Styles

More men are growing their beards out due to the pandemic. Twisting a beard is becoming popular amongst younger adults. 

Twisting requires long hairs that are malleable. Use moisturizing creams whenever you are helping a beauty consumer twist their beard. Give your client some hair wax so they can put their beard in the shape they want. 

Goatees are another popular style. They involve shorter hairs, but they can be difficult to maintain. Help your client by shaving the other parts of their face and washing their beard. 

Long Hair

Many men are experimenting with longer hairstyles. Long hair can convey comfort, confidence, and a casual appearance. But it can be difficult to comb and maintain long hair. 

Prioritize moisturizing the scalp and removing loose hair. Show your client how they can comb their hair without pulling hairs out of the top of their head. 

Long hair is not appropriate for someone who works in a formal job setting. Advise a formal person to trim their hair and maintain the length closely. 

The Essentials of Men’s Grooming

Men’s grooming is varied. Men are becoming conscientious about their skin health. Advocate for sunscreen and swept-back hairstyles. 

Demonstrate how to use effective shaving tools, including sharp blades. But fewer men are shaving, letting their beards and hair grow out. Help your customers twist their beards and style their goatees. 

Address the needs of your clients however possible. Many men with long hair struggle with moisturization, so you can advise them on how they can lubricate their skin. 

Study the trends, then practice your skills. Invictus Career College provides premium classes for aspiring Dallas barbers. Contact us today.