How You Can Shape a Beard to Your Face

Beards are sweeping across America! 33% of American men have facial hair, and most of them have a beard. 

Beards can help you stand out in the workplace and attract many different people. But you can’t just let your beard grow. You have to take steps to style your beard, including learning how to shape a beard. 

What determines the shape of your beard? How should you match your beard to your other features? What tools can you use to maintain your beard? 

Answer these questions and you can create the perfect beard in no time. Here is your quick guide. 

Look at Your Face Shape

The best beard shapes coordinate with the best face shapes. It’s okay to have any face shape, but you need to identify your face shape and then match your beard to it.

Look at your face and draw the outline of your face in the mirror. Take a look at the locations of your cheekbones and jawline, but also note where your eyes and mouth are. 

Your face may not perfectly conform to a particular shape. Fat pads in the cheeks can stretch out your features. Try to get a general sense of how your face is. 

If you have a triangular face or a face with a sharp chin, you can grow a full mustache and use stubble to balance your chin out. If you have a round face, you can grow a full beard with short sides to make your face seem longer. If you have a rectangular face, you can create a round beard with soft angles to make your face seem fuller.

Find the Right Tools

You will need to use a wide-tooth comb to brush your beard hair away from your face. This will make your beard fluffier and easier to maintain. Use your comb to stroke your hair outward, moving down your face.

If you need to trim your beard, you should use clippers and a pair of blunt grooming scissors. Follow tips for cleaning your clippers like cleaning them every night so you don’t spread dead hairs over your face. You can use the scissors to cut off straggling hairs on your cheeks and neck as well. 

To hold your hair in place throughout the day, you can use beard oil. Rub a little into the tips of your beard, and be careful not to let any oil get trapped in between your hairs. When you want to wash your hair, you can lather your beard with shampoo. 

Figure Out How to Shape a Beard

You can shape a beard to your face in no time. You need to figure out what shape your face has and then manipulate your beard to balance your features. A mustache can balance a chin while long hairs can balance a long face. 

You can use a comb, clippers, and scissors to maintain your beard. Smear some beard oil and shampoo so the shape of your beard remains consistent throughout the day. 

Shaping a beard is a critical skill for barbers. Invictus Career College lets barbers hone their craft. Contact us today.