3 Essential Tips For Cleaning Your Hair Clippers

A good barber knows that keeping fresh tools is a vital part of the job.

After all, how can you provide excellent services without excellent gear?

To flex your hair-cutting chops, you’ll want well-tended clippers and blades for support. This means cleaning your clippers properly and regularly.

Keep reading for our 3 essential tips for cleaning your hair clippers. Using them will ensure that your finances and your blades stay intact.

1. Clean and Disinfect Blades Daily

Relying on periodic deep cleans will quickly degrade your clippers. Daily hair clipper maintenance is vital for prolonging your blades’ hygiene and effectiveness.

It’s also crucial for your clients’ hygiene. Here’s how to use clipper blade wash, which shouldn’t cost more than $15, in your daily maintenance routine:

  1. Dispense some of clipper blade wash in a shallow dish
  2. Remove as much grime and excess hair as possible from clipper blades
    1. First, use a large brush, then a small brush for hard-to-reach places
  3. Put the blades into the dish while they’re still attached to the clippers
    1. Try to make sure that only the blades are submerged in the wash
  4. Turn clippers on you see no more grime and hair leaving the blades, about 20-30 seconds

Clipper blade washes usually disinfect. But if the product isn’t formulated to disinfect, take some extra steps with a little alcohol:

  1. Clean out the dish or pull out a new one, and then pour some alcohol in it
  2. Submerge your blades, wait about 10-20 seconds, then remove to dry with a soft, microfiber cloth

Cleaning hair clippers daily doesn’t take long at all. Make sure you prep your blades for a brand new day for the satisfaction and cleanliness of your clients.

2. Oil Blades Overnight

After you’ve cleaned and disinfected your blades, use hair clipper oil to prevent your blades from rusting. Here’s how to maintain your blades’ longevity with clipper oil:

Use a drop of oil at each corner points of the cleaned and disinfected blade

  1. Don’t overapply oil
  1. Turn clippers on to let oil spread evenly before turning it off
  2. Let sit overnight in a place where it won’t attract dust
  3. In the morning, remove leftover oil with a soft, microfiber cloth

Rusted blades degrade quickly and will not be safe or effective to use on the hair. Preventing rust on your blades will keep them sharp and structurally sound.

2. Use Hair Clippers Properly

Half of hair clipper maintenance is the cleaning and disinfecting of your blades daily. But the other half is using your clippers properly while cutting hair. Here are some tips on how to properly handle your clippers:

  • Align your shears onto your clippers properly
  • Avoid letting others use your clippers
  • Only use your clippers for cutting hair
  • Be careful when placing your clippers down on the counter to avoid damage
  • Carefully read the instructions on your clipper product’s packaging, as they may differ from other models

Cleaning and proper clipper use are necessary to preserve your blades in their optimal state. Don’t neglect either, and your clients will be thrilled by your quality service and skill.

Ensure Quality Service by Cleaning Your Hair Clippers

Most people have more time than money. That’s why taking a few minutes every day to cleaning your hair clippers doesn’t just ensure crisp service.

It’ll also save you a world of trouble in the long run, both for your clients and your finances. Give your blades and wallet the best shot by taking good daily cleaning and handling under consideration.

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