How Long Is Barber School?

Becoming a barber is one of the trendiest and fastest-growing career trends today. As people reject the impersonal connections once forged on social media sites, there is a strong desire to socialize with friends and neighbors in an old-school barbershop. In communities across the country, people consider barbering as a career and ask, “how long is barber school?”

Let’s explore what it takes to become a barber, including how to find a barber school near me and the barber school length to complete your education. 

First Things First

Before you enter a barber school or college, you’ll need to meet some prerequisites. Most states require barbers to be at least 16 years old, and you must have a high school diploma or equivalent diploma. If you’ve met these requirements, you can enroll in a barber college or enter an apprenticeship.  

Where Should I Attend Barber School?

Finding a quality barber school or college is essential to preparing for your career. Invictus Career College in Dallas is a highly rated training center for aspiring barbers. In addition to a Class “A” Barber program, we also provide training for barber instructors.

How Much is Barber School?

Barber school will prepare you for a well-paying job that is always in demand. Barbers in the Dallas area earn between $40,000 and $100,000. An investment in barber school is an investment in your future. 

The Class “A” Barber program at Buckner is $17,375.

How Long is Barber School?

To prepare for your new career, you’ll need time to learn the skills, tools, and tricks of the trade. How long is barber school? The program at Buckner Barner College requires 1,000 hours or about eight months.

In less than one year, you can be ready to begin a great job you’ll love.

What Opportunities are Available for Barbers?

The barbershop with the striped pole out front is still a mainstay of American communities, but it’s not the only opportunity for modern barbers. Many barbers are self-employed in a storefront they own or lease. Others pay a fee to a shop to lease a chair with other barbers.

A number of barbers also find work in resorts or on cruise ships. These personal care specialists are in high demand around the country. Hospitals and military bases are also in search of qualified barbers. 

No matter where you live in America, the outlook for work as a barber is good.

Your New Career Awaits

Barbers are essential to the fabric of any community. People crave places to socialize, tell stories, and spend time together. A barbershop is still a great place for those moments. 

As a barber, you can help people look and feel their best. If you’re concerned about how long is barber school, it’s less time than you might think. In less than one year, you can be working in a career that helps others and is fulfilling for you.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact us today to enroll.