3 Ways Professional Barbers Are Surviving the Pandemic

Everyday business owners find creative ways to survive this ever-looming pandemic. For those businesses that aren’t considered essential, the struggle seems extraordinary. 

If you run a barber school in Dallas, don’t fear. There’re ways to survive this financial battle.

Your business may not save physical lives, but it does save jobs. Keeping professionals well-groomed to do their essential services, makes you essential in the long run. Your availability during non-lockdown timeframes keeps you afloat financially. 

Also, barbershops provide benefits no one else can—technique with professional tools. People can rely on barbers to keep up with trends while offering additional services. 

Surviving the pandemic is a difficult task for everyone. Learn how attending barber school in Dallas will keep you dynamic and create a professional path.

1. What Can a Barber School in Dallas Do? Offer After Hours Service

Barber and cosmetology schools work like salons. They invite the public to get professional grooming services by students. This helps students get real-world practice and people get cuts and more at a discounted rate. 

To keep that level of service uninterrupted, schools can stagnate their hours. Some students can work early morning hours to accommodate people who work at night. Students who are on the verge of graduating can take on after-hours service. 

Of course, anything after hours would be by appointment only. 

2. Travel to Your Clients

The school should allow students fresh off graduation to keep their client list. That way, instead of trying to open a nonessential shop, they can travel to their clients

Of course, you would need to check state regulations about this. As of right now, it’s up to the homeowner who they allow in their home.

Traveling to a client helps you survive financially during this pandemic. A large number of people still feel uncomfortable going to salons and barbershops. If you come to them, they can control the setting.

If they want to check your temperature at the door or have you do other preventative measures, they can. Doing so puts more money in your pocket. People tend to show more gratitude when it comes to tipping. 

Plus, catering to a client’s needs builds a stronger relationship with them. That way, when the pandemic lifts, you’ll have a strong flow of clients coming to your shop. 

3. Discounts and Coupons

This may sound commercial, but discounts and coupons work in the hair care industry as well. Off clients 2-for-1s—two services for one reasonable price. 

Give freebie coupons to first-time clients to entice them to come back for another service. If they come in to get a quick trim, offer a coupon for a free full cut the next appointment. 

It may seem like you’re giving services away, but you’re gaining a full-term client in the long run. 

Find Ways to Survive

This pandemic is a make-or-break situation for non-essential businesses. Don’t let it break your barber school in Dallas. Use these tips and other creative ideas to keep clients coming back for more services. 

Know someone who wants to become a professional barber? Reach out to us and let us walk them through becoming a full-time student.