What’s the Average Salary of a Barber in Texas?

Did you know that before the 19th century, barbers were known as barber-surgeons? These highly experienced barbers would perform surgeries, set fractures, and treat and extracted teeth (among many other things.)

Although the profession of barber-surgeon doesn’t exist anymore, being a barber is still a great career today. While the salary of a barber-surgeon would be phenomenal nowadays, the income of a barber now is different.

Are you wondering what the salary of a barber is? Look no further. We’ve compiled a guide to knowing what the salary of a barber is, career expectations, and how to become one. 

Continue reading to get all the information you need to start considering a career as a barber today.

What to Expect in Starting a Barber Career

Becoming a barber takes training and developed skills. To become a proficient barber, you’ll need to begin by training. 

By enrolling in a 1000-hour Class A barber school, you’ll learn the rules and regulations of the trade, including knowledge of hairstyles and cuts and beard and mustache grooming among many other things.

You’ll also take courses like Texas Barber Laws and Rules, Science of Barbering, Elementary Chemistry, and Hygenic Bacteriology. With these courses completed and your barber training underway, you’ll be able to move on to test for your license in barbering. 

You’ll take a written exam and a practical exam–both to secure your license. The written exam is taken on a computer and the practical exam is for you to prove your skills. You’ll bring your own supply kit and mannequin to this test and perform several barber services.

After passing both of these exams, you’ll be eligible to receive the Initial Barber License from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

After obtaining your license, your next step will be to find a suitable barbershop to work at, or even to consider starting your own business.

What’s the Salary of a Barber in Texas?

As of December 28, 2020, the average salary of a barber in Texas is $31,386. This can range from $30,000 to $40,000 depending on your level of expertise, where you operate, and additional certifications. 

Texas is the state with the highest level of employment for barbering, according to the May 2018 BLS statistic.

The BLS also reports that the profession is expected to 13% growth from 2016 to 2026, which is higher than most increases in other careers.

Making it big as a barber will depend on where you’re working, your experience, and reviews. Gaining a good reputation will take time and energy, but it will increase your sales and allow you to raise your prices later on. You have the potential to grow as a barber and show your skillset in the future.

Growing as a Barber

Once you’ve done all that you can to prepare yourself for a career as a barber, you’ll be ready to start. 

Obtaining your license is a big step in the right direction towards a great career. By working towards your goal in barbering, you’ll soon be making the salary of a barber.

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