What Are the Steps to Getting a Barber’s License?

Have you decided that you want to become a barber in Texas?

Men visit their barbers every one to two months on average. Considering the number of American men, you got a chance of setting up a successful business. However, you need a barber’s license to open a barbershop. 

Below, we discuss the steps to become a professional barber. Continue reading to learn about the process of getting your official barber’s license. 

Check Your Eligibility for a Barber Education

For most states, you need a high school diploma or GED to become an eligible barber trainee. You also need to be at the minimum age. In Texas, it varies between 16-18 years.

The job also entails good physical condition, excellent hand-eye coordination, and focus. 

Complete a Barber Training Program or Apprenticeship

Once you’re eligible, the next step is to enter a barber program or apprenticeship.

Some states allow you to get an apprenticeship with a state-licensed barber. Barber programs often focus on hair care for males. You can also get a cosmetology program to learn beautifying skills.

The training hour requirements vary per state. For example, barber schools in Ohio require 1800 hours of training. Ask your local barber school about the necessary hours.

3. Enter Your Application for Board Exams 

When you finish your barber schooling and training, take the licensure exam.

You can take it even when you live in a state allowing cosmetology trainees to get a barber’s license. The tests will focus on hygiene, safety, health, and protection from spreading infections. Some parts of the tests are hands-on.

4. Pass Your Licensure Exams and Get a Barber’s License 

After passing your barber’s licensure examinations, you will get a barber’s license. It is easy to start a small barbershop. Here are tips for driving profits in your first barbershop.

The requirements for a barber’s license in Texas include completing a 1500-hour Texas barber training program. It has practical and theory licensing examinations. You can get them from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Do you plan to move your business outside Texas? Remember, barber licensing requirements vary per state. Check whether your credentials can carry over.

6. Maintain Your Barber’s License 

The barber trade is always in high demand no matter where you go. If you have no other options, you can always go back to being a small-time barber. Plus, the average salary for barbers is $5,892 per month.

Renew your license and continue your barber education to maintain your career. In most states, the license renewal happens every year. Texas is more lenient since their renewal happens every two years.

Become a Professional Barber Today 

Never miss out on becoming a barber. It is a fulfilling and profitable job, with lots of other desirable benefits. Submit your barber’s license eligibility to set up your Texas-based barbershop soon.

Do you want to become a Texan barber? Contact us today and let us help.