Barbershop vs Salon: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that women go to a salon about 4 times a year and men go to a barbershop about 6 times a year? Haircuts are something we all need sometimes. When you think of a barbershop vs salon, do you know the differences and similarities? 

If you don’t, that’s why we, the professionals at Invictus Career College, are here to help teach you the difference. 

Read on to learn about the differences between a barbershop and a salon and why you might need to visit each. 

What Is a Barber Shop?

The first step in deciding whether you should visit a barbershop or salon is deciding what kind of work you want to be done to your hair.

A barbershop is traditionally where men can go to get shorter, masculine haircuts. Barbers are trained and skilled in using clippers and working primarily on men. 

A barbershop will be your go-to for services like getting a flattop, buzzcut, military-style cut, fade, and getting a professional shave. Barbershops are becoming more upscale and beginning to branch out by offering luxury services like a hot lather face shave. 

Some barbershops even offer more fun by serving alcoholic beverages or by installing fun, special haircutting chairs for kids in the shapes of planes or trains. 

We at Invictus Career College even made a barbershop guide to help you find the right barbershop near you for a haircut. 

So, how often should you be visiting a barbershop? The time varies depending on the length of your hair. Our best barbershop tips estimate that short hair should get a fresh haircut every 2-7 weeks while longer hair needs cutting every 2-4 months. 

What Is a Salon?

While barbershops are ideal for more traditional and short haircuts, salons are perfect for the opposite. Salon stylists are trained in the art of cutting long hair and working with different styles and layers. 

Any salon guide will point you in the direction of somewhere where you can get long hairstyle cuts, bangs, a dye job, and more. 

Salon stylists are often good resources when it comes to suggestions and ideas for styles to try or tips and tricks for your hair type. Stylists will also be more aware of current hair trends and modern looks you want to try. 

Most hair salons also offer professional products that you can purchase and take home to use in your hair to recreate your salon look. You can also ask for styling tips if you’re inexperienced in styling your new type of haircut. 

Barbershop vs Salon and More

Now you know the difference between a barbershop vs salon! We all have needs and desires when it comes to styling our hair, and knowing where to go for haircuts and dye jobs is important.

If you have an interest in learning more about barbershops, salons, or working at either one, check out what we do at Invictus Career College. Read our page all about becoming a Class A barber today!