Barber Salaries: A Complete Guide

Do you have a passion for working with people and an eye for what looks stylish and trendy? If this sounds like you, you might want to consider the possibility of becoming a barber. Being a barber can open up tonnes of career possibilities, and it’s a skill that’s always in demand.

If this is a career route you’re thinking about taking, then you’re probably curious to learn more about some average barber salaries. What can you expect to earn in the first months and years of your employment? The answer can vary a lot, depending on the path you choose.

This guide will break down everything you need to know. Read on for a rundown of what a career as a barber can look like and what kind of barber salary you can expect.

The Steps to Become a Barber

Before discussing your earning potential, let’s take a look at the steps involved in becoming a barber. In the state of Texas, a barber is a licensed profession, meaning you’ll need to hold certain qualifications and certifications in order to become one.

In order to land yourself a place in a barber school necessary to attain the aforementioned certification, there are some requirements you’ll need to fulfill. First, most schools will require you to have at least a high school diploma. You’ll also need to be over the age of either 16 or 18, depending on where in the state you’re located.

Besides this, you’ll need some level of customer service skills and a creative flair. Once you’ve satisfied all of these requirements, you can choose a program that’s right for you.

In Texas, to obtain a barber’s licence you’ll need to have completed 1,000 hours in an approved barber school. Then, you’ll need to pass the licensure exam. When you’ve completed all of the above steps, you can start up your own shop or find a job at an already existing barbershop.

Barber Salaries: a Guide

So, how much can you stand to make when you become a barber? Of course, a barber’s salary will vary depending on the shop they work at, their level of experience, and their location.

At the moment in Texas, the median salary for a barber is a little under $32,000. Experienced workers, however, often make as much as $58,500 a year. Private barbers can also stand to make considerably more than this.

It’s possible to make more if you own your own barbershop, and employ other barbers. You can also supplement your income by learning other trades such as cosmetology.

Consider Becoming a Barber Today

Along with these attractive barber salaries, you also have the added bonus of having a flexible career and a skill you can take anywhere in the world. Becoming a barber can open up a world of opportunities for you.

If this is something you’d like to learn more about, we want to hear from you! Get in touch to chat about starting barber school now.