A Guide to Cosmetology CEU Classes

According to Data USA, 46,395 cosmetology degrees were awarded in 2021. It’s a field that is growing at a rate of 1.76%.

Getting a degree in cosmetology opens students up to a variety of options like hair stylist, nail technician, and esthetician. Once you become a licensed cosmetologist, most states require you to meet certain standards when it’s time to renew that license.

One such standard is to continue your education. Continuing education classes are an important part of your cosmetology career. Keep reading as we lay out your options in this guide to cosmetology CEU classes.

Are You Required to Continue Your Cosmetology Education?

When it comes time to renew your cosmetology license, requirements vary from state to state. Just about every state requires a renewal fee.

In California and Florida, renewal is every two years. Florida requires a 10-hour cosmetology continuing education course before renewing a license.

In New York, cosmetology licenses are valid for four years. The state of Texas requires one hour of sanitation and three hours of cosmetology-related classes for renewal.

Depending on your specific license, the requirements for renewal will differ in each state.

Salon Management Classes

Do you wish to advance your career by becoming a manager at a hair salon or barber shop? Look into salon management classes.

You’ll learn things like managing employees, recruiting and training, scheduling, monitoring supplies, resolving customer complaints, and marketing.

As a student in a management class, the teacher will highlight the skills you need to succeed. You should be able to lead, multitask, delegate, and communicate well.

If you’re worried about the cost of the class, remember that cosmetology scholarships are available from most institutions.

Hair Styling Classes

When you’re in the field of cosmetology, do you get clients asking for different hairstyles all the time? Taking continuing education classes helps you stay up-to-date on the constantly changing world of hairstyles.

You’ll learn new techniques and discover new technology, equipment, and products and how to use them.

Use this time to hone your skills and learn about the newest trends to advance your career as a top hairstylist.

Sanitation and Sterilization Classes

How many clients do cosmetologists come in contact with every day? It’s important to learn how communicable diseases are spread and the risks associated with them.

In a class like this, the student learns how to spot the difference between sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization. They will also learn how to eliminate and reduce the risk of infections in the salon.

The class outlines how to clean and decontaminate implements and equipment.

Cosmetology CEU Classes

If you want to enjoy prolonged success in your cosmetology career, you must enroll in cosmetology CEU classes. Keeping up with current cosmetology trends helps you grow your customer base.

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