A Barber School Cost Breakdown for Students

If you’re thinking about furthering your education but are scared of the costs, you’re not alone. Cost is one of the biggest barriers that hold people back from seeking higher education.

The cost of barber school is no exception. Barber school cost may seem expensive at first, but when you consider the income you’ll earn from it, it’s an investment that will pay off.

If you’re wondering what the cost of barber school is and what you’ll be paying, read on for our breakdown of expenses and fees.

What Will You Pay For?

When it comes to barber school, there are several different types of things you’ll pay for. It’s more than just tuition fees!

At Invictus Career College, we make sure our students have everything they need, as well as provide barber training. Barbering requires tools to learn the trade, so you’ll have to factor those into your budget as well.

Aside from fees, you will also have to consider the cost of everyday things like gas mileage, food for lunch, or public transportation if you don’t have a car.

It’s important to consider all these things when writing up your budget and costs.

Standard Fees and Tuition

Every great barber career starts with formal schooling until you work up to practicing on real people. Barber college gives you the chance to learn on paper and also get that real-life practice you need.

Every school has tuition costs, and barber school is no exception. At Buckner, our tuition starts at $15,000.

Other fees that apply are the standard state fee of $25 and a registration fee of $150.

If paying for barber school is the only thing stopping you from seeking out a barber career, we also offer a special payment plan for students who want to pay for their tuition out of pocket.

Some other money-saving avenues can be found on our financial assistance webpage.

Supplies and More

Barber school involves more than showing up, ready to learn. You’ll also have to learn to work with different tools so you can practice techniques and work with all hair types.

At Buckner, we know how important having all the right supplies is to your learning. That’s why we offer a supplies kit for the cost of $2,650.

This is the kind of purchase that will pay for itself in the long run since a barber can only do their best with the right tools.

If you want to be a barber and are also curious about expanding your horizons in the field, you may want to look into teaching the subject yourself.

A barber instructor program will teach you how to teach your barber students and give you hands-on experience. Our barber instructor program costs $7,675.

Learn About Barber School Cost and More

Now you know how much barber school cost is and what you’ll be paying for. Like all great investments, spending money on your education will pay itself off in the long run.

If you want to know more about barber school costs, how to apply for our program, or more, check out our admissions webpage today.