5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Enroll in a Dallas Barber School Program

An oil boom in western Texas has barbers in the area making $180,000 a year. That is not an average income but deserves recognition. If you are looking for a new, interesting, and financially stable career, look no further than a Dallas barber school.

With an anticipated demand growth of 13% between 2016 and 2026, you will be stepping into a solid career. Read on to learn why you need to enroll in barber training today.

1. There is Always a Demand

It doesn’t matter what level the economy is at, there is always a demand for barbers. Every man needs a haircut and a clean shave. This is a career that can be done in a huge city or a small rural community anywhere from coast-to-coast.

Each state has its own licensing requirements for barbers, but the skill is usable no matter where you live.

2. Eliminate the Nine-to-Five

When you have to spend all day behind a desk from nine-to-five it becomes monotonous. As a barber, you will be working in an open atmosphere and seeing different clients each day.

You may conduct your business on evenings, weekends, or other times that fit your schedule and that of your clientele. Self-employed barbers have the most flexibility, but many barbershops offer barbers flexibility in establishing their own work hours.

3. No Water Cooler Needed

In the office atmosphere being social during office hours is often frowned upon, resulting in the “office-cooler social.”  For barbers, social chatter is important to their career. Traditional barbershops are a male-dominated domain where men bond over sports, current events, and community news.

Getting to know your clients and sharing common interests builds a bond and develops a loyal client. When a person feels they are valued, they are more likely to stay around rather than jump barber poles and go elsewhere.

4. Be Creative

When you become a barber you provide a variety of services. This includes everything from basic haircuts to hair coloring and beard trimming. You never know what a client is going to request, allowing you some creative expression in your work.

You will stay up-to-date on the latest trends, keeping the work fresh and new. While you may still be doing buzz cuts for some, others will want to flaunt the look of a popular celebrity.

Good Money

Barbers in Texas make an average of $56,548 per year. In Dallas, they average $66,774 per year. The more effort you put into mastering your skills, the bigger the paycheck you receive.

When clients find a barber they like, they are happy to pay extra for professional services.

A Bit of History

The red and white striping of a barber’s pole stems from history. Prior to the 19th century in addition to cutting hair, barbers also performed medical procedures, including bloodletting. After the procedure, the barber would wrap the patient’s bleeding resulting in the red and white stripe.

Attend a Dallas Barber School

If you are ready to make a positive career step and are seeking a Dallas barber school, look no further than Invictus Career College. This school offers four (4) different barber programs, making it affordable for everyone.  Programs begin at only $5,975 for a 2-1/2 month program, including tuition, tools and supplies, and books.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify, so there is no reason to pass up the opportunity to begin barber training. Gather all your registration documents and contact us at (214) 225-4020. Call today!