Withdrawal From Invictus Career College

Any student wishing to withdraw from the school must inform the school administration or the admissions director. Any such withdrawal must be made in writing using Invictus Career College withdrawal or drop form. If the student is under legal age, the parent or guardian must submit the withdrawal notice in the office. A student is considered withdrawn after 14 calendar days or 10 consecutive class days of unexcused absence from the school.

Also, if a student withdraws from the school and wish to re-enroll in the same school, he/she must complete a re-enrollment application. A student will be charged a re-enrollment fee of $150.00 to be paid to Invictus Career College. The student must also pay any outstanding balance of tuition and other fees due before returning to school.

LOA (Leave of Absence) Policy:

APPROVED LOA – BBS will grant a leave of absence of  up to 30 days per request for a maximum of 60 days LOA  in a 12 month period. A student must submit a request for the leave of absence with reasons and/or documentation for the request to the Director for approval. The request must be made prior to the LOA begin date unless circumstances prevent it (such as a car accident that hospitalizes the student) and must be in writing, signed and dated.  No extra charges will be charged to the student and the student will resume his/her schooling at the same point the student was at when the student started the LOA.

UNAPPROVED LOA – If a student takes a LOA without approval from the Director a student will be considered withdrawn from school as of the last day of attendance


Course incomplete, repetitions and non-credit remedial courses do not apply to this institution’s form of instruction. The school does not issue incomplete and does not offer non-credit remedial courses. Students do not repeat courses. All hours attended are considered attempted. It is not possible for students to withdraw from individual subjects. Students withdrawing from school will receive credit for all work successfully completed up to the point of withdrawal. Transfer hours will be counted as hours attempted and hour completed.