Student Services, Parking And Conduct

  1. No student is to park in front of the school or other businesses since those parking are reserved for our clients. Students must always park in the areas provided.
  2. Students may get their own hair done or cut only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Any student who wishes to have their hair done on other days may do so by clocking out and pay full price for the hair cut.
  3. Students are not to groom themselves while on the clinic floor and a client is waiting to be serviced.
  4. Only one student may receive service at a time and if it gets busy, the student MUST immediately end receiving his/her service to service a patron/customer.
  5. Students must be responsible for their own tools at all times and tools must be cleaned and sanitized. BBS is not responsible for students equipment or personal belongings left in the school.
  6. Student must always punch out for their lunch breaks. There is no such thing as “Being on Break” (BOB) If you aren’t punched out for lunch therefore, the student will be available to cut if needed.
  7. Student may receive or make calls on the office phone line only in the case of emergency and students are not allowed to talk on the phone while attending to a client for this will result in a verbal warning or even suspension from the school.

Conduct Policy

  1. There will be no loud or boisterous talking, whistling, singing, cursing, foul language, or talk of a suggestive nature on the clinic floor. Any actions unbecoming to a professional may result in suspension.
  2. No disrespectful remarks are to be made regarding your patron, other customers, or students while customers are in the school.
  3. No conversation is allowed between students while working on customers.
  4. No smoking or eating while working on customers. Cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco or snuff are not allowed in school. No eating or drinking is allowed on the clinic floor.
  5. Any physical fighting or violent fussing in the school will be cause for suspension or other disciplinary actions for both parties involved.
  6. No Radio, TV, Cell Phones, are allowed on the clinic floor or classrooms and must be kept on vibrate at all times.
  7. No whistles, balls, or play toys of any type are allowed in the School.