Student Orientation

(Welcome New Warrior!)

New students are given a tour of the school facility, introduced to staff, given textbooks, tools and supplies, explanation of tools and supplies are given. Rules and Regulations of the institution and the Laws governing the practice of Barbering in the State of Texas is given and explained to the student. Basic sanitary rules and sterilization rules explained and introduced to the student. Students are made to read The History of Barber styling and Your Professional Image, Chapters 1-2-3 as a means of introducing them into the profession of barbering.

During orientation students become familiar with exit signs, the school’s evacuation plan, the health and safety plan, and the first aid kits are explained to the student in case of an accident in the school. Students are required to watch a 60-minute videotape on first aid procedures, such as CPR techniques, the correct ways to treat wounds and stop bleeding in the barber shops.

First Aid Kits are accessible and available to students. Instructors, teachers, and or management will assist with First Aid in case of an emergency.


Mr. James J. Richardson,

Mrs. Nwamaka P. Okafor

Ms. Bridgette Hudson
Floor/Theory Instructor

Mr. Tim Jenkins

Ms. LaVon Hardnett
Director of Financial Aid /Admissions


The mission of Invictus Career College is to train and prepare students through classroom instructions and daily practical floor training to work confidently and competently as barber professionals after their training.