Staff/Employee Orientation

Welcome to Invictus Career College. The purpose of this staff/employee orientation is to “fill in” the gaps in your career experience here at the School. This orientation is intended to give you the key information that you will need to succeed at Invictus Career College. The new staff/ employee are given a tour of the school facility, and are made familiar with all the exits and the first aid kits in case of an accident in the school, introduced to old staff and faculty members. The general rules and regulations of the institution is given and explained to them. They are also made familiar with the following:

  • Acquaint the staff/employee with the institutions mission, vision and goals.
  • How to use the schools computer to access information such as student records, grades, monthly progress reports etc
  • When to go to lunch and are given direction to different restaurants and stores
  • What to wear to work and the school dress codes
  • Service expectations and Communication
  • Made familiar with the organizational structure plus much, much more
  • Made familiar with job expectations as well as office specific policies and procedures

As you can see, we put the wheels of your staff/employee orientation in motion before you begin in your new role here at Invictus Career College. And we want to ensure a smooth and successful transition for you.

** Note: This staff/employee orientation is not intended to include every thing you need to know. Please feel free to ask the manager, the school president or even colleagues for more information. Best Wishes in your new career.