Satisfactory Progress And Grading System

At Invictus Career College. progress is not measured in grades alone. Progress towards the course objective is most accurately measured by faculty evaluations, which are based on data gained through daily individual faculty and student interaction. The standard is the same whether the student is receiving Federal Financial Aid or not. The components of progress, which weigh equally in student evaluations, are:

  • Attendance records-Quantitative
  • Grades-Qualitative

A student’s poor performance could warrant his /her being placed on warning/probation and could cause dismissal from school.

Invictus Career College uses the following grading system:


  • A …… 90-100 %
  • B …… 80-89 %
  • C …… 75-79 %
  • F …… 74% and below

Students are evaluated on a continuous basis. Students are tested each week and scores are evaluated with performances each time. The daily and weekly evaluations are compiled on a monthly progress reports. Any student not making satisfactory progress is warned and counseled and must make satisfactory attendance and maintain a better grade point average.