Rules And Regulation


  1. Smocks are to be worn at all times while the student is on school premises. Students are required to be neat and clean in appearance around the school premises
  2. The school may deny admission, readmission, or continued enrollment to persons whose behavior is considered by the school administration/director to be disruptive, dangerous, or abusive.
  3. Any student who is absent on any Saturday without consent from a physician will not be allowed to attend classes and will be suspended for two (2) school days (they will be allowed to return to school on the following Thursday after an unexcused absence on Saturday). There will be absolutely no absence on Saturday except for extreme emergencies and the office must be notified with documentations; or, unless the office has a prior permission for the student to be absent.
  4. Students are to remain behind or near their own chair and should not congregate in groups anywhere in the building
  5. Students must remain inside the school building at all times when clocked in and MUSTclock out before leaving the school.
  6. There should be no selling or buying of any drugs, alcohol, food, or any other item around the school premises unless approved by the school authorities.
  7. Hair is to be swept up after each client and workstations are to be kept clean.
  8. Shouting, Cursing, Foul Language is not allowed within the school premises
  9. Any fighting in the school will result in suspension or termination of all parties involved.
  10. Students must not bring Knives, Guns, Games Radios, Speakers or TV’s to school
  11. Student will not receive free service on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. During these days, a student may receive services if he/she pays full price and has clocked out of the time clock. If a student is absent on Saturday or the following Tuesday they will not receive student services for that week. No student services are allowed to begin after 3:00pm.
  12. Students are not to groom themselves (each other) while on the clinic floor and a client is waiting to be serviced
  13. Students must always eat lunch at the break room. No food or drink is allowed in the cutting areas by the students.
  14. Any student refusing to serve a client will lead to a three (3) days suspension
  15. Only the clients are allowed to sit on the barber chairs. All others customers/students should sit in the waiting area chairs provided.
  16. Every student must have a service marked paid before performing any type of service on a client. Any student doing a client without a service ticket will be suspended for three days up to two weeks.
  17. Students must remain on the school premises at all times unless the owner or the manager gives them permission.
  18. The offices are off limit to all students unless you are called for school business.
  19. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed in the school premises or on the side walk. This behavior will call for immediate suspension or even termination from the school.
  20. Student must bring their smocks, books and tools to school everyday or they will not be allowed to clock in for that day.
  21. No friends or relatives are allowed to hang out round the school premises unless they are receiving a service.
  22. Students are not allowed to bring their children to school or you will be sent home with your child.
  23. Students are not allowed to talk on the cell phone while attending to a client. This behavior will result first in verbal warning and secondly a written warning to be documented in the students file.
  24. Student must not wear something that is too tight of any length or any revealing dress or pants and with no parts of the body showing
  25. Students must be responsible for their own tools at all times and tools must be sanitized and kept clean.  
  26. Students are not allowed to wear shorts to school. No exceptions both male and female students.
  27. Students are not allowed to wear sunglasses, doo rags and other materials that the school considers inappropriate.
  28. Closed shoes must be worn to school for example tennis shoes. No sandals, flip-flops, slippers are to be worn to school.
  29. Blue jeans must be clean and without holes, and with no part of the body showing. Pants must be fastened to the waist with a belt and absolutely No Sagging.
  30. All students are expected to attend classes five days a week, unless a special schedule has been worked out between the student and the school.
  31. Students are required to call the office main office line when he/she will be absent.
  32. Any student who fails to take his/her test on Friday or Saturday or who has a grade missing or a test that are not recorded will receive a grade of “I” for incomplete on their progress weekly chart grade report card.
  33. Students with three or more incomplete grades will be made to take a make up test or retake those tests that are not recorded.
  34. A student will be automatically sent home for refusal to obey any school rules and regulations
  35. No student is to clock in/out another student time clock. This action will call for immediate suspension for three (3) days from the school
  36. No kind of cheating, swindling or stealing either in the classroom or from another student or school property, no abuse of school property will be permitted or tolerated. This action will call for immediate suspension or even termination from the school.
  37. tudent should not have more than four (4) days of un-excused absence from school in any one month. Any student who has five (5) days; or more un-excused absences from school in any month may be subject to suspension, probation or even termination from the school  
  38. Every student must have an attendance record of 67% to be allowed to continue in the school. No exceptions on this attendance policy. If a student fails to maintain or attend the minimum required clock hours for four consecutive weeks, he/she may be subject to probation, suspension, or even termination from the school
  39. Any student who withdraws or is terminated from the program is required to pay $150.00 re-admission fee and also all outstanding tuition and fees that are owed the school by the student.
  40. Student must make every effort to represent the school as professionals while they are around the school premises
  41. Any student who feels as if they are being treated unfairly or who has concerns regarding any part of these rules, regulation, and policies may take the steps listed in the grievance policy.
  42. Otherwise, any student who disobeys or goes contrary to any or part of this rules and regulations will be subjected to immediate disciplinary action as stated in this rules and regulations.