Programs Offered

Class A Barber, Barber Instructor, Cosmetology Operator.

Class “A” Barber

Program Description:

The practice of barbering means performing, offering, or attempting to perform for compensation for any of the following services:

Treating a person’s mustache or beard by arranging/beautifying, coloring, processing, shaving, styling, or trimming.

Treating a person’s hair by arranging, beautifying, bleaching, cleansing, coloring, curling, dressing, dyeing, processing, shampooing, shaping, straightening, styling, tinting, or waving. Providing a necessary service that is preparatory or ancillary to service including bobbing, clipping, cutting, or trimming or cutting the person’s hair as a separate and independent service for which a charge is directly or indirectly made separately from a charge for any other service.

Cleansing, stimulating or massaging a person’s scalp, face, neck, arms, or shoulders: by hand, or by using a device or an appliance

Advertising or representing to the public in any manner that a person is a barber or is authorized to practice barbering.

Class A Barber 1000-Hour Curriculum:

The curriculum standards for the class A barber certificate in a private or public post-secondary barber school consists of 1,000 hours, to be completed in a course of not less than six months, as follows: