Basic Information On Class A Barber Programs

Class “A” Barber Courses


The practice of barbering means performing or offering or attempting to perform for compensation any of the following services:

  1. Treating a person’s mustache or beard by arranging, beautifying, coloring, processing, shaving, styling, or trimming.
  2. Treating a person’s hair by arranging, beautifying, bleaching, cleansing, coloring, curling, dressing, dyeing, processing, shampooing, shaping, singeing, straightening, styling, tinting or waving. Providing a necessary service that is preparatory or ancillary to a service including bobbing, clipping, cutting, or trimming or cutting the persons hair as a separate and independent service for which a charge is directly or indirectly made separately from a charge for any other service.
  3. Cleansing, stimulating, or massaging a persons scalp, face, neck, arms, or shoulders: by hand, or by using a device or an appliance
  4. Advertising or representing to the public in any manner that a person is a barber or is authorized to practice barbering. 


 The curriculum for the class A barber certificate in a private or public post-secondary barber school consists of 1,500 hours, to be completed in a course of not less than nine months

Course:  Class “A” Barber

Hours Required 1500   (12 months/50 Weeks)
Tuition: $15,000.00
Tools and Supplies: $1500.00
Text Books $300.00
State Fees: $25.00
Registration Fee: $150.00
Total Cost $16,975.00


The curriculum for the class A barber certificate while holding a cosmetology operator license consists of 300 hours, to be completed in a course of not less than 9 weeks, as follows:

Cosmetology Operator to Class A Barber Curriculum
(1) Instruction in theory, consisting of 25 Hours
(A) History of Barbering 1
(B) Barber Laws and Rules Review 1
(C) Implements, Honing, and Stropping 5
(D) Shaving 5
(E) Men’s Haircutting and tapering 5
(F) Beard and Mustache Trimming and Design 1
(G) Hair color Review 1
(H) Permanent Waving and Relaxing Review 1
(I) Manicuring and Nail Care Review 1
(J) Facial Treatments and Skin Care Review 1
(K) Anatomy and Physiology Review 1
(L) Blow-dry Styling Review 1
(M) Shampooing and Conditioning Review 1
(2) Instruction in practical work, consisting of 275 Hours
(A) Men’s Haircutting and tapering 165
(B) Shaving, Mustache and Beard Trimming 85
(C) Hair coloring 5
(D) Permanent Waving and Relaxing 5
(E) Facial Treatments 5
(F) Shampooing and Conditioning and Blow-dry Styling 5
(G) Manicuring 5

Course:  Cosmetology Operator to Class A Barber

Hours Required 300 (2.5 months/10 Weeks)

Tuition:                              $3,000.00

Tools and Supplies:             $600.00

 Books                                   $300.00

State Fees:                              $25.00

Registration Fee:  $150.00

Total Cost                         $4,225.00

The overall cost of attendance of the Cosmetology Operator to Class A Barber program is $4,225.00 Invictus Career College Inc. also offers a payment plan for students who wish to pay out of pocket for the program.