Privacy Act/Release Of Information: Access To File Documents

Privacy Of Student Records (FERPA):

In Compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Invictus Career College does not release information pertaining to student cumulative record nor publish or sell “directory information” without written consent from the student or parent/guardian if the student is a dependent minor. All records will be maintained in the Administrator’s offices. Only instructors and the Director may have access to these files. The school guarantees the rights of students and parents (if applicable) to have access to the cumulative records and have proper supervision and interpretation of those records when they are being reviewed. Access to records must be requested in writing, arranged previously and a staff member must be present while the records are being reviewed. Copies of file documents may be obtained at a cost of fifteen cents per copy. Cumulative education records are maintained for five years or more after graduation or termination.

Student Information and Privacy Policy:

Release of Student Information

The school has a written policy that all information concerning the student is private and will not be released. This information can only be released to the student, parent or guardian to protect the rights of the students. Request to access student’s academic information may only be granted upon receiving written consent from the student or parent if the student is a minor. The exceptions to this rule pertain to the following: School employees who have a need-to-know, other schools to which a student is transferring, parents when a student is over 18 is still dependent, certain government officials in order to carry out lawful functions, appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student, organizations doing certain studies for the school, accrediting organizations, individuals who have obtained court orders or subpoenas, persons who need to know in cases of health and safety emergencies, and state and local authorities to whom disclosure is required by state laws adopted before November 19,1974


The school has adopted and implemented the following procedures for filling a grievance with the school administrator. Invictus Career College. emphasizes an open door policy with regards to the needs and or complaints associated with students. All students are informed of these procedures for filling a grievance during the orientation period. Any student who has a grievance concerning any of the school policies, grading system, and student code of conducts, dress code, and or termination procedures may file a written request for a review with the school president. A written reply will be made within seven (7) business days by the school president or by his designated representative. If the matter cannot be resolved to the student’s satisfaction or expectations, the student may forward an identical copy of the grievance to the State Licensing Agency or to the Council on Occupational Education:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations

P.O.Box 12157
Austin, Texas 78711
1-800-803-9202 or 512-463-2906


Council on Occupational Education

7840 Roswell Road Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350

Fax 770-396-3790