Prior to Admission

• Students may contact admissions personnel by telephone, email, or visit the facility.
• If the prospective student is a dependent minor, they must be accompanied by a parent and or legal guardian at the time of enrollment
• The prospective student interviews with a school official and is given an enrollment questionnaire packet, which they are required to read, understand, and sign. An applicant may ask for clarification of questions etc.
• The interview covers in detail, the course description, career opportunities, physical demands of the job, as well as the school and State Board requirements.
• An explanation of attendance and academic requirements will be given to the prospective student and how those requirements can affect the student’s satisfactory performance requirements and continued Title IV eligibility.
• The prospective student will be informed that accrued hours will not be released until all funds owed to BBS are paid in full.
• A staff member or instructor will give the prospective student a tour of the school facilities.
• Any questions from the prospective student will be answered truthfully, promptly, and in sufficient detail to eliminate confusion.
• If the potential student expresses a desire to become a student with BBS a follow-up appointment is scheduled. The second appointment focuses on answering questions where applied cable, an enrollment agreement between a prospective student and BBS will be fully executed (student receives a copy for their record.) A student is made aware of class schedule, dress code, and consumer information including but not limited to outcome rates, campus crime reports, and all other pertinent information.

Admissions Procedures:
Students seeking admission into Invictus Career College may contact admissions personnel by telephone, email, or visit the facility to discuss available programs and financial aid information.
The prospect completes an admissions application and reviews our Pre-Enrollment Information with the admissions coordinator. Instructions on how students may apply for federal funds are discussed and reviewed. Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA on the web at ( using the school’s identification code 041779 when they file the application. Students are encouraged to also complete our partnering private financing agency’s application (Climb Credit) for additional funding if needed.