Mandatory Saturday Policy:

Saturdays are mandatory practical days and students are required to attend. Any student who is absent on any mandatory Saturday without prior notice and approval will be subject to disciplinary action. Please strive to attend school regularly to avoid any disciplinary consequences.

• 1-3 Days Suspension (not allowed to attend school).
• Charged for absent hours.

Uniform Policy:

All students at Invictus Career College are expected to present a professional image. The image you project to others reflects you as an individual. Your personality, attitude, abilities, appearance, and moral character all help to create emotional and mental pictures in the hearts and minds of every person you interact with in daily life. All students are to wear their school Smocks, Black Pants or Black Jeans, and Closed-Toe Shoes.

  • Smocks are always to be worn closed and zipped up while the student is on the clinic floor.
  • If hats are to be worn, they must be solid black.
  • During June-September shorts that are knee length of the appropriate material may be allowed.

• NO Du-Rags
• NO Bandanas
• NO Ripped Jeans
• NO Shorts/ Basketball Shorts
• NO Sweatpants/ Sweatpants Short
• NO Tank-Tops
• NO Flip-Flops/ Slides/ Crocs
• NO Skirts/Leggings of any kind
Violation of these policies may result in early dismissal for the day; continued violations may result in a Student Advising and Counseling Session and/or Suspension.