Leave of Absence Policy (LOA)

• Students may receive a leave of absence for emergencies, extended unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, family emergencies, and health concerns. Leave of absence will be approved only after student completes the necessary LOA request forms. Students may receive a maximum of 180 days of leave during a twelve-month period.
• Students are allowed to request an LOA for the following time frames based on their actual hours.


2 weeks at a time, students MUST come in to complete the extension form.
2+ weeks.
2 weeks at a time, students MUST come in to complete the extension form.
2+ weeks.
2 weeks at a time, students MUST come in to complete the extension form.
2+ weeks

• Unless a student is in the military and called for active duty or deployed. The student must return from a leave of absence on the day following a leave of absence end date. If the student does not return, the student will be dropped without notice. Proper papers must explain the student’s need for the LOA, the duration for the LOA, and will require the student’s signature. LOA time frame does not involve any additional charges from Invictus Career College.
• Students on approved LOA will remain enrolled for loan repayment purposes but need to be aware that the LOA may affect financial aid. Therefore, before final consideration is given to grant the requested LOA, the Financial Aid Advisor will meet with the student and provide information regarding the following: loan obligations possible revisions in his/her aid package, deferment options, notifications to lending institutions, effects on veteran-benefits, grace periods, and consequences of not returning to Invictus Career College at the expiration of the LOA. Students who have been granted an LOA will be considered withdrawn if he/she does not return to school at the end of the LOA. In this case, the student will be informed that the last date of physical attendance is used for the purpose of calculating the Return of Title IV funds and NSLDS reporting. Should withdrawal result, a student’s grace period for a Title IV loan program might be exhausted based on the student’s last day of attendance.

• A LOA will be granted if the request meets the following: LOA forms submitted to the school in advance unless prevented by unforeseen circumstances and supporting documentation must be provided. Must be signed and dated with specific reasons for request explained in full. Request must be approved by school official. To request full one hundred eighty (180) day LOA, student must in eligible timeframe, complete documentation, and documentation will be needed to support said request, i.e.: jury duty, military reasons including National Guard requirements, circumstances meeting criteria covered under FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993).
• When a student takes a LOA, the contract end date is amended. To calculate the new contract end date, the amount of the days of the LOA is added onto the contract end date.
• Students may not earn hours via Cengage while on LOA.