Job Placement

Invictus Career College cannot guarantee employment after graduation, but the institution will
make every effort to establish contact between our graduates and prospective employers. The institution receives numerous calls from potential employers wishing to hire our graduates.
These requests are kept on file or posted on the employment bulletin board and are available to
the students upon request. The institution also believes that the graduates from Invictus Career College are capable, well trained, and are ready to compete and succeed. Whether they desire to
work as employees, or they may aspire to open their own barber shop.

Student Schedule/Attendance Policy:

Students must attend (6.5) hours per day (32.5) hours per work for full time attendance. (This does not include your (30) minute lunch. (Students are entitled to two 15-min breaks while on school premises.)

• All students are expected to attend their contracted schedule unless a special schedule has been worked out between the student and the school.
• Students are required to call the school and speak with an administrator at least 1 hour before start time when he/she will be absent.
• Attendance punch-in cut-off times are 10:30 AM Tues-Fri and 9:30 AM on Saturday. (Students will not be allowed to punch in for the day after these times.)

  1. Attendance is tracked via Time Clock punches. Time clock punch change request must be submitted online and approved by administration before changes are made.
  2. Saturdays are mandatory; unexcused absences on Saturdays may result in a 1-to-3-day suspension depending on frequency.
  3. Students may earn attendance hours via distance education during school closures due to unforeseen circumstances. Distance Education is coordinated by the instructor and students must clock-in and clock-out using the Distance Education QR code to earn hours for those days.
  4. Leave of Absences are available to students upon request and approval.