Appeal Procedure

If a student is determined to not be making satisfactory academic progress, the student may appeal the determination within ten calendar days. Reasons for which students may appeal a negative progress determination include the death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, or any other allowable special or mitigating circumstance. The student must submit a written appeal to the school on the designated form describing why they failed to meet satisfactory academic progress standards, along with supporting documentation of the reasons why the determination should be reversed. This information should include what has changed about the student’s situation that will allow them to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress by the next evaluation point. Appeal documents will be reviewed, and a decision will be made and reported to the student within 30 calendar days. The appeal and decision documents will be retained in the student file. If the student prevails upon appeal, the satisfactory academic progress determination will be reversed and federal financial aid will be reinstated, if applicable.
Non-Credit, Remedial Courses, Repetition
Noncredit, remedial courses, and repetitions do not apply to this institution. Therefore, these items have no effect upon the school’s satisfactory academic progress standards.
Transfer Hours
Regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress, a student’s transfer hours will be counted as both attempted and earned hours for the purpose of determining when the allowable maximum time frame has been exhausted.
Re-Entry Students
Students re-entering school enter in the same progress status as when they left.
Make-Up Policy:
All tests, quizzes, and assignments are eligible to be made up. Scheduling make-up assignments are to
be coordinated and arranged with the instructor.
Hours can be made up to help students graduate on time, however, the make-up hours are not deducted
from absent hours that have already been accumulated.

Transfer Policy:

Invictus Career College accepts transfer students with previous credit hours from another Licensed Barber College or School with the following reservations:

• If a student transfers to Invictus Career College, BBS shall notify the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, and a new student permit will be issued.
• A transfer student will be evaluated upon completing an application for transfer by the school administration and contracted based on hours needed to complete the program under state law.

a) Hours to be transferred may not be over 400 clock hours (barber/cosmetology course).
b) Students seeking to transfer must provide a valid reason(s) as to why they want to transfer
c) Students must pay a registration fee not to exceed $150 and an additional clock hour cost “identified before enrollment” for remaining program hours.
d) There are no program transfers within Invictus Career College.
e) Student housing is not available
f) If the prospective student is a transfer or returning student, they must meet the following additional criteria:

• If he/she is transferring hours from another school, he/she will be asked to provide a transcript clearly stating the number of accrued hours and verify that tuition is paid or unpaid at the school most recently attended.
• If the prospective student is transferring instructional hours from a school in another state, acceptance of such hours is contingent on approval and acceptance by TDLR for the course offered by Invictus Career College.

• Transfer students will not be allowed to enroll without valid documentation of having officially withdrawn from the school previously attended.
• Tuition charges will be prorated based on the hours needed to complete the course at BBS. Financial aid is available for transfer students that qualify.
• Students who have previously withdrawn from Invictus Career College and are in good standing are eligible to apply for re-enrollment.
• Outstanding balances owed to the school must be tendered before being allowed to re-enroll and/or complete the remainder of the required hours.