Admission Requirements:

To be admitted and enrolled as a regular student in Invictus Career College, one must provide the following:
A. Identification – current Texas driver’s license or state-issued photo identification.
B. Have a High School diploma or transcripts showing the graduation date
C. Have a recognized equivalent of a High School Diploma such as a home-schooled certificate by the state where the student resided during home school or a General Education Diploma (GED)
D. Home-schooled, and obtained a secondary school completion credential for home school (this is based on the TDLR policies)
E. Are at least 17 years of age, (beyond the age of compulsory education in the State in which the institution is physically located) 18 years of age for the instructor course.
F. Are not currently enrolled at a primary or secondary institution
G. Programs are based on 32.5 clock hours per week.
H. Must provide a valid social security card
I. If the individual seeking enrollment is a dependent minor, a parent or legal guardian must accompany them on the visit and will be required to sign the enrollment contract/agreement.
J. Student must have a state permit fee of $25.00 money order/cash/credit card.
K. Students enrolling in an instructor course must have a valid Class “A” Barber’s license issued by the state of Texas.

Physical Demands:
Prospective students that might be adversely affected by extended periods of standing or sitting, or by being exposed to chemicals used in the Beauty Industry, should obtain a doctor’s release before entering the school or continuing school. Examples of such health conditions might include Asthma, Pregnancy, or Allergic Reactions to odor s from certain chemicals used in the profession. The lifting of heavy equipment may be required.
Persons at risk with health, nervous or emotional conditions should consult a physician before considering enrolling.