What You Should Expect When Going to Barber College: A Guide

If you are looking to embark upon a rewarding career as a barber, now is the perfect time to get started. According to the latest figures, the American hairdressing industry is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, with demand for qualified barbers expected to soar in the coming years. That’s why now is the time to enroll in a quality, accredited barber college.

By enrolling in the right barber school, you can get the qualifications you need to stand out in this competitive job market and launch your successful barber career. If you’re about to go to barber school or are just thinking about applying, read this two-minute explainer to find out exactly what to expect from barber college. 

How is Barber College Different from Beauty School?

First, it is worth breaking down how barber school differs from beauty schools or hairdressing schools. Beauty schools are more generalist and do not focus as heavily on barbering as a craft. Quality barber schools like ours are focused solely on the art of barbering and the strong traditions of the trade.

Whether attending an online barber school or an in-person school, your time in training will also be shorter. As you can see here, it will take you around 500 hours of instruction to fully qualify as a barber. This is significantly less time than many beauty school programs. 

How Long Does Barber College Take?

As mentioned, barber school takes less time to complete than other beauty industry training programs. Typically, many barbers qualify within nine months as an absolute maximum.

However, with our fast-track programs, you could become a qualified barber within 4 months. Remember, your course will involve a lot of studying as well as a lot of practical, hands-on experience with real customers. It is essential to complete this component with flying colors to qualify, which can only be achieved with time and dedication. 

What Does Barber College Cost?

So, how much is barber school? When assessing the barber school cost, it is important to choose the course that is correct for your needs and goals and fits within your budget.

For example, our courses range from $4,500 for our 2.5-month program to $11,250 for our expert 6-month program. In addition, you can also request payment plans to allow you to stagger your payments out across a longer period of time so that you can pay back your tuition as you earn. 

What Are the Requirements to Get In?

Finally, it’s worth quickly covering the typical barber school requirements you need in order to get onto a competitive course. Generally, the academic requirements are uniform across the sector – you must have at least a High School Diploma in order to qualify for barber school.

You should also be at least 17 years of age and you should not be enrolled in any other higher education course. If you fit these requirements, you can apply today. 

Enroll Today

If you’re ready to embark on the next chapter and go to barber college, now is the time to act. Browse our study programs and make an application today to initiate the enrolment process.