The Simplest Advice About Barber Training You’ve Ever Heard

Are you wanting to become a barber? 

Barber training is a necessary path to one of the world’s most rewarding professions. After all, you want to make people look and feel better.

As such, you’re going to need exceptional training. Many people do not consider training when they plan to become a barber but don’t worry.

Below, we’ll give you some simple advice for getting the most out of your barber training. Keep reading to become the best barber you can be!

Barber Training

Barber training takes around 1,500 hours to complete. For most people, this ends up being around 10 months of work.

When you go to barber school, you’ll be learning a wide range of subjects. They include haircutting and shaving as well as business management and anatomy and physiology.

Cosmetology School vs Barber School

When seeking out barber training, make sure that the school you’re going to is one that teaches barbering and not cosmetology.

Cosmetologists do learn to cut men’s hair. However, they also learn skincare and nails. Barbers, on the other hand, spend time specializing in mostly men’s hair and beard care. 

Barber school, then, gives future barbers a lot more of an in-depth look into the work they will be doing. It teaches them to cut and sculpt the hair to the client’s exact preferences.

It also provides barbers with advice on how to run and manage their shops.

Choosing a Barber School

To get the best out of your barber education, it’s important to choose a school that will best serve you.

But where do you start? What information should you take into consideration? 

Start with the school’s graduation rate. Graduation rates can be fantastic indications of how well a school teaches and prepares future barbers. It can also show you how satisfied other people were with the program.

Next, look at the affordability. Can you fit the school into your budget?

Once you’ve determined the school has a good graduation rate and is decently affordable, check the student to teacher ratio. The fewer students a teacher instructs at once, the more personal attention they’ll be able to give you.

Come to Barbering With a Passion for the Subject and Its History

Barbering is an old tradition

For the most part, the barber profession hasn’t changed at all. Barbers still use the same tools and techniques to deliver excellent results to their clients.

When you join a barber school, then, you are joining a long and storied profession. 

In fact, barbers began cutting hair 6,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, and in the Middle Ages, barbers also served as basic doctors. They would dress wounds and perform surgeries.

It was only the 14th century that barbers and surgeons separated their professions.

Because of this, coming to barber school with an appreciation of the history of barbering will help you maintain a passion for it throughout your time there. 

Looking for a Barber School?

Need fantastic barber training?

There are so many different schools to choose from, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the best one for you. And it’s important to make the right choice; after all, your training will impact the rest of your career.

That’s why we at the Invictus Career College have developed different programs to suit your needs. Check us out today!